Most people don't want to have their picture taken, but everyone loves having a portrait of beloved faces– a small time capsule that lets you share the people you love the most.

I originally started doing 20-minute sessions for busy parents and busier children. They were so popular, people started asking about longer or more tailor-made sessions. Here is the information you need so we can have a great time:

20-min Family Portrait Session .........$150

(5 digital selects)

45-min Family Portrait Session ........ $280

(10-15 digital selects)

100-min Family Portrait Session........$550

(15-25 digital selects)

Custom session................ email for details

Selects are delivered digitally via Dropbox about 2 weeks after the session.


How do I print photos from my session?

You can use any printing service you want. My favorites are:

Nations Photo Lab

Parabo Press

By the way, you can get a free 5.5" softcover book from Parabo if you've never ordered before! Click here.

How do I prepare for my session?

Make sure the kids are fed and have had naps and potty breaks. Comfort is key!

A few additional suggestions:

* Pick a place with which you're familiar. Again, comfort is important! A place you and your family love brings out the best in a session.

* Avoid wearing small patterns or thin stripes. Small patterns and stripes in general don't show up as well through a camera lens. If you have a favorite shirt that has a tiny pattern, try pairing it with a sweater or jacket in a bold color. We can make it work!

* Take a deep breath. Sure, it's not always fun to have your picture taken, but focus on the memory and think of this moment as a very short, if intense one. It'll pass, and you'll be so happy when receive your photos!

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